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017/12 2014

Skuggaskil is my first studio recorded cd and published physically in Iceland in december 2014. It has 18 tracks, mostly piano music. Half I recorded two years ago and half in november 2014, all the tracks called Skuggaskil are from 2014. Skuggaskil means twilight, that is the time where it´s not dark, and not light, the grey area in between and can be a very strong moment here in Iceland. The Skuggaskil songs started as improvisations in the summer of 2014, then called Reflections, but slowly became something more in the process of writing them to sheet music.


The sheet music to all the songs can be found under "sheet music" here on this page.

December Hours 2014
Intimate upright piano


December Hours are a group of songs I did one night in december. The idea was to just sit down and record whatever came out, an idea I had for awhile before finally having the possibility to do it, new professional mic´s.


This is recorded on my upright at home, and is a semi professional home recording, and the price to buy it is really just symbolic, 5$. It´s recorded with felt on between the hammers and strings, and with the mic´s very close to the instrument to get the intimate sound, and also all the creaks and cracks of the piano.


The name of the tracks are tied to the christian monastic tradition of prayers on specific hours of the day, something I enjoy and admire.

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